The Group

The Group at a glance

Galperti Group, with its Italian and abroad companies, is dedicated to engineering, manufacturing and distribution of high quality products for the energy and industrial markets.

Products manufactured are flanges, fittings, valves, gears, bearing, pipes, special forged products.
The Galperti Group has cutting-edge engineering and production lines, it is vertically integrated in the production process, from forging to complex machining and assembly in order to meet and exceed today’s market expectations and responds to on demand design solutions through customization.

Our four generation forging know-how experience gives the Group’s flexibility to design projects and have excellence configurations.

The Galperti full service capabilities provides the customer and the end user the most streamlined and cost effective supply chain solutions for today’s demanding global market place.

The Group is structured in several operational entities, which operate on a worlwide scale, from North to South America, Europe, Middle East and Asia.

Gera Lario Sede
Engineering and Flow Control
Galperti tech forged products
Engineering and Flow Control Usa
Galperti Middle East Fze 1
Galperti Manufacturing Malaysia
Galperti Brasil Comercial Industrial Ltda

The Companies dislocated worldwide are fully committed to support the Customers locally with the products and services provided. This enables to serve the customers and end user with competitive pricing, high quality products and fast delivery lead time. Responsiveness and rapidity is offered for the highest demanding projects and applications.

Galperti Group is key to the small volume fast delivery up to the large complicated project requirements.

The companies belonging to Galperti Group stand out by their ability to work as a key partner with clients and suppliers in order to exceed market expectations.

The Group also offers after sales assistance and welding services.

Our Purpose, Vision and Values

It is our goal to meet the needs of our customers globally with a local presence through the offer of a wide range of products.

Passion, Integrity, Professionalism, Reliability and Pragmatism are the foundations to our essence.

Our values are forged in time within the Group. Innovation and sustainable development is key to the Group nature.

The Brand

The identity of the Galperti Group is established as an innovative brand, which summarizes the Group’s positioning as a global player in the energy and industrial sector.

The geographical representation and the internalization of the Group, started as an idea and today it is a project in continuous evolution.

The brand highlights quality, integration of people and skills. Galperti is a solution to engineering complexity.

Pragmatism and passion are key to our daily activities
We work on skills, competences, in order to exceed clients and market demand
We respect people, environment and diversity