Officine Nicola Galperti e Figlio S.p.A

Gera lario (CO) – Italy

Officine Galperti Figlio
Gera Lario Sede

The company is specialised in the production of standard and special steel flanges in accordance to International Standards and clients specifications.
The production is vertically integrated going from forging, treatment and machining of the flanges.
The operational offices and production sites are today based in Dervio, Gera Lario and Cercino (Italy). The organisation is highly structured in terms of engineering, design and produces standard flanges for stock or custom engineered flanges on clients request.
The organization continuously invests in avantguard tecnology and people competences, which makes today the organisation have high production capacity able to produce a vast range of products and as a result it can effectively respond to market demand.

Heat treatment, mechanical processing, warehouse, shipping and office departments in Gera Lario.


Via Trivio Fuentes, 4 – 22010 Gera Lario (CO) Italy
Phone +39.0344.97200 – Fax +39.0344.97210


Our operational offices

Forging Department I – Dervio (LC)

Reparto Forgia 1 Dervio

The first important step for the development of the Group is the establishment of production in Dervio. Today it represents the forging unit of Officine Galperti, the heart of the Group.

Forging Department II – Cercino (SO)

Reparto Forgia 2 Cercino

As an expansion of the Group’s production capacity, in 2010 began the activity of forging in Cercino, as a result of the knowledge gained over decades of experience in the sector. The plant applies the latest and most innovative automation technologies.

Machining Department – Dervio (LC)

Lavorazione Meccanica Dervio

Mechanical processing department.