Our History

100 years video Galperti Group

  • 1921


    The Galperti family founds Officine Nicola Galperti in Bellano in 1921, and the first products manufactured were mainly small agricultural tool and components cast for the state railways.

  • 1950


    Since then, development has continuously progressed and the advent of the chemical and petrolchemical industries in the 1950’s led to a diversification of production with the introduction of flanges and the termination of the first line of products. Fort the need of space saw the company moved to Dervio, and this was an initial important step towards development. The increase in demand and the request for increasingly sophisticated new materials highlighted the on-going need for technological development, achieved by investing in the furnace and mechanical work with the installation of avant-garde production lines.

  • 1994


    A significant development was seen in 1994 with the expansion of mechanical working, warehouse, forwarding departments and offices to Gera Lario, where in a few years the global production capacities of flanges doubled.

    In the year 1994 through the constitution of Galperti Engineering and Flow Control SpA the group started with the production of valves mainly for the oil and gas sector. It started with few people and today it produces thousends of valves, clamps, seal rings and actuators.

  • 1995

    Galperti Inc

    In 1995 the Group expanded their manufacturing facilities and know-how to Houston, Texas, where it started as a small manufacturer of fitting and flanges and in 2000 the plant moved to where it resides today with a 16 acres facility active with forging and machining capabilities. Since the above move Galperti Inc, has become a reference point in the Americas for forging and mechanical working and continues to expand and update their facilities with the most efficient and up to date technology available. Galperti Inc. has today become known throughout the Americas as one of the premier manufacturers of flanges and special forged products for the oil and gas, chemical and petrochemical, power generation and pipeline industries, with capabilities and quality unmatched in the region.

  • 2003

    Opened a facility in the Middle East

    In 2003 the Group established a facility in the Middle East (Jebel Ali, UAE) where today this establishment can guarantee the most stringent specifications, urgent requests and fast customer service. With a modern machining departments it is possible to execute mechanical workings and perforations of forged products supplied by the forge shop in Italy, up to an external diameter of 2500 mm, and a weight up to 10 tons.

  • 2010

    Opened a second forging plant in Cercino

    In 2010 a forging production plant was opened in Cercino as a result of the knowledge obtained in decades of experience in the sector, this plant applies the most up to date and innovative automation technologies.

  • 2012

    Plant opened in Malasia

    The future in South East Asia was established in the year 2012 when a new manufacturing facility was built covering 6-1/2 acres area located in Malaysia. This Plant has full forging, heat treatment and machining departments.

  • 2014

    Plant opened in Brasil

    In July 2014, with the acquisition of 50,000 square meters of land, the Group began its development in South America with a production plant in Brazil.

  • 2018

    Galperti Tech Forged Products SpA

    In 2018, through the establishment of the company Galperti Tech Forged Products SpA (GTFP), we produce slewing rings and bearings of large diameter, an important initiative that began as early as 2005, the company also dedicated itself to the production of special forged products.

  • Today

    The Galperti Group

    The Galperti Group is a renowned leader in the production of special flanges, valves, bearings, bearings and forged products that stand out for the quality of its products.

    Galperti Welding Division is a unit of the Galperti Group which concentrates all the coating and welding activities for flanges, valves and special pieces, a demonstration that the Group constantly invests in technology to improve performance and the range of services offered.