Industries we serve

The Galperti Group, through its deep experience in the sector acquired through four generations of successful forging and steel processing, proposes tailor-made solutions to help customers navigate towards the future, with high quality products and services.

We work together with our suppliers, continuously improving and optimizing our products and building solid relationships with customers, in order to meet their expectations.

We produce a wide range of products that includes simple, complex and customized components in order to meet the most stringent requirements of the market.

Oil and Gas

Galperti Group manufactures flanges, valves, customized products and other forged products used during the exploration, completion, production and distribution of oil and gas. From onshore to offshore, subsea and midstream to downstream.

The manufacturing sites dislocated worldwide, enables Galperti to support clients with local projects. Through the commercial network, the Group is able to provide full solutions for any project.

Chemical and Petrolchemical

Galperti produces a complete range of Flanges and Valves products in carbon steel, stainless steel and special alloys in order to be a key partner in providing solutions common to the chemical industry.

Power Generation

Galperti Group manufactured flanges, valves, customized products, slewing rings and bearing and  other forged products used in the power generation, in power plant engineering, and renewable energy such as hydro power plants and wind power plants.


We produce slewing rings and bearings, used in various sectors of the mechanical industry, mining, in heavy lifting equipment, cranes, loading arms, wind turbines, excavators and many more.


Galperti is able to supply quality products for Marine Applications.


Galperti is able to supply quality products for Water Treatment and Desalination.

Other applications

Flanges, valves, slewing rings, bearing, special forged products, customized products, in carbon steel, stainless and other alloys may be produced for other applications.