Officine Galperti was founded in 1921 and the first products that were manufactured in the factory at Bellano were mainly small agricultural tool and components cast for the state railways.

Since then, development has continuously progressed and the advent of the chemical and petrolchemical industries in the 1950ís led to a diversification of production with the introduction of flanges and the termination of the original line of products.

The need for space saw the company forced to move to Dervio, and this was an initial important step towards development. The increase in demand and the request for increasingly sophisticated new materials highlights the on-going need for technological development, achieved by investing in the furnace and mechanical work with the installation of avant-garde production lines.

A further step in company development was seen in 1994 with the transfer of the thermal treatment plants, mechanical working, warehouse, forwarding departments and offices to Gera Lario, where in a few years the global production capacities doubled.